on Jan 26, 14
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Dive into a world of tropical disco-house sound and join Crossroads and Viceroy for our bi-monthly party series “Summertime, All the Time.” Its a straight up summertime jungle adventure, any time of the year.
On April 4th, we will have our 2nd installment as we bring Miami Horror to Audio San Francisco. Once again Audio will be transformed into a lush oasis, with palm fronds, coconuts an tiki decor, but this time we’ll add a dash of Miami Vice to spice things up.
So throw on your white suits, your crop tops, swimsuits or Hawaiian gear and come get tropical with us.
Miami Horror (DJs):

Kick started by Ben Plant, Miami Horror was created out of a love of Roland keyboards and French house, landing the young producer on everyone’s radar overnight with a slew of sharp remixes and productions in his arsenal. Yet it was while Ben was punching out a 2008 EP that Miami Horror took off in a completely new and different direction thanks to the recruitment of Josh Moriarty, the wiry guitarist and dexterous vocalist that would become Miami Horror’s powerhouse frontman. Together the two cut the lushly organic summer jam Sometimes with Josh on croon duties and the idea to drastically alter Miami Horror’s genetic makeup into a crowd-swelling live entity was born.
With Ben and Josh wanting to flex their creative muscles and avoid the limitations of being stereotyped as simply a dance or electro act, the pair rewired Miami Horror’s future, deputising two new talents with Dan Whitechurch taking up the keys and drummer and co-production whiz Aaron Shanahan completing Miami Horror’s transformation.
Come catch Ben and Aaron of Australia’s favorite psychedelic indie-electronic adventurers, Miami Horror while they perform a very special DJ set at Audio on April 4th.
Pacific Disco:
What happens when you merge the talents of a former prodigal classical violinist and an encyclopedic audiophile? Well, some of the best dance music on Earth. Summing up their eastern heritage and their desire to let no dance floor go unconquered, DJs Lauren Canas and Nicolas Birnbaum teamed up to form the SF-based “Pacific Disco”. Renowned for their uncanny ability to get people moving with nontraditional and unexpected beats, the duo are constantly innovating, combining the best of electronic, nu-disco, synth pop, hip-hop and more. Their shared passion for music has formed the bedrock of their friendship since youth, and Crossroads is fortunate to have their talents at their events, where they inspire late night revelers to have the time of their life.

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